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Quarries for sale in Africa

If you didn't find any quarry/stone production 

which attract your attention:


Keep in mind, we have over 200 confidential projects not published.

South Africa



Investment of $ 1,9 M USD wanted to reactivate quarry and block extraction of  dark Nero Impala and Impala blue in the same quarry. Different investment models possible to partner up with current owner team.


Current status:  dormant but fully functional, all licenses and permits in place 

Lucrative and profitable : yes indeed 

Reserves of more than 2,5 Million Cubicmeters 

or rightout sale for $ 3.9 M USD

impala dark_edited.jpg

Blue King dimension stone  quarry in Zambia Africa

REF- ZB-20022022


Dormant quarry with small scale mining permit and all licenses in place for

190Ha - dormant extraction area is 4 Ha

Blue syenite reserves : around 15.000cbm good marketable blocks 

White syenite, Pinkish syenite and greyish syenite also included in the mining licence 

Much larger deposit of Nepheline detected.

Geological report available.

Sales Price                                                                                           $  2,19 M  USD

Blue King TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY 2_edited.jpg
Flag of South Africa
South Africa

Slate production 

including two active licensed and operating quarries.

Plus all quarry assets and buildings. 


Quarry area covers more than 250 hectares with lots of potential.



Slate SA

Investors wanted in Zambia 

German owners of Zambian company (since 2000) looking for investors to increase block production of high demanding blue sodalith and to develop slab production of this the rare blue material. 


Investment is primarily for additional quarry equipment                                                                                                                          $ 300.000 USD 

second step:  multiwire saw for slab production to reduce and optimize transportation costs                                            $ 400.000 USD

Investors can expect 10-15%  interest rate plus dividends for 3 year commitment.

Owner accept used equipment and money investments for shares.  

Please email for more information.

zambia blue sodalith

Pale rose elegant crystalline marble mining license, located 130 Km west of Lusaka  reachable by the main asphalted road.


It's a grass root / green project, not yet entered in production. 

We carried out field exploration works, a preliminary drilling programme to identify pure rose ore body (to bear the high road transport costs) and the opening if a preliminary small open pit, to expose the fresh rock mass. Very attractive project that already attracted interest of several international customers that are ready to buy blocks.

Nearest container ports are Durban (RSA) 2200 Km

or Beira (MOZAMBIQUE) 2000 Km

or Dar el Salam (Tanzania) 1500 Km

 all aound 1500 USD for 23t container ( around 8 m3--> 180 USD/m3).

Mining Licence 50 Ha will expire 2017 and will be renewed for other 10 years and more. The company already established is included in the transaction. Nor equipment neither facilities are available. Geo-Mining Report and business plan is available.

Asking price $ 750.000 USD

pale rodse marble 1
pale rose marble 2
coredrillings zambia qfs
zambia blocks QFS
workers zambia qfs

5 Quarries

Investors in Angola wanted. Private owned natural ressources (all licensed at hand but not developed yet) located in south Angola close to Namibe port to sell.



300 Hectars rose marble - 45 miles north of Namibe port


100 Hectars white marble - 45 miles east of Namibe port


200 Hectars grey granite - 65 miles east of Namibe port


100 Hectars black granite/gabbro  -95 miles east of Namibe port


300 Hectars black and green granite - 155 miles east of Namibe port


In total 3.86 Mio squaremiles


Asking prices from $ 590.000 each

If you didn't find any quarry/stone production 

which attract your attention:


Keep in mind we have over 100 confidential projects not published.

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