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REGION WEST ___________WA - OR - ID - MT - WY - CO - UT - NV - CA
Operational basalt quarry - Harrison ID

Basalt quarry Harrison ID - REF210305

We have a 12.95 acres basalt aggregates quarry for sale.

There are 3,5million pounds of reserves and the quarry is permitted until 2024.

Quarry is operational and can permit can be renewed if required.


It is located in Harrison ID along Hwy 97, approx 1 mile east.

Could be potentially used for residential. From the property you have beautiful views on the Lake Harrison Slough.

Sales price €  $699,000 USD including equipment.

REF 180620 Asphalt plant Carson City NV 

Asphalt plant Carson city  

REF 180620

Successfully operating licensed pit in favourable location close to California line.

The subject includes 59.52 acres, water rights, and three buildings currently operating as a cement batch plant.

The geologic and engineering evaluation of the site  focused on the subsurface materials'  suitability  in the following order for  construction  aggregate  products:  

Portland cement concrete  (PCC)  Coarse Aggregate, Asphalt  Aggregate, Aggregate Base, Utility  Backfill, Drain  Backfill, Structural  Fill

Property contains  several  developed  improvements including  a  scale/residence house,  maintenance  shop, concrete  plant,  asphalt plant and  several  silos and water tanks. 

Asking price                        $ 15.00 M  USD


Aggregate, sand and gravel pit dormant  REF 191113-RC

Valid mining license in place 

Size of property : 249 acres total  Known reserves  : 140 million tons 

This is the property that is a unique blend of decomposed pegmatites and ancient alluvium gravels. It appears to have had some placer workings in the past as it is located in the heart of gold country. With the right operation this property will yield more than just the 40 million tons of sand and gravel, but the market California market is open with connecting roads and rail from the property to site. No equipment included in the sales price 

Asking price      $ 3.0 M   USD

Aggregate 400 acres, granite, sand and shale, fully permitted.

Asking price      $ 4.5 M   USD -  lease is an option

Clay pit 50 acres, can be used as filler in several products,

Asking price      $ 2.5 M  USD 

Aggregate pit 300 acres, with Gold and Silver potential

Asking price      $ 14.9 M   USD 

Gold mine - please enquiry for details 

Aggregate pit 120 acres, sand,gravel, crushed, fully permitted.

Asking price        $ 6.0 M  USD 

Sand and Gravel in La Grange California

Sand and Gravel in La Grange CA


  • 250 acres permitted

  • The site has previously been set up as a pit run operation with a wash permit that allows for onsite washing and crushing as needed.

  • Total est. reserves 30M cubic yards

  • Official geological report available

Status : dormant - valid mining license/ permit 250,000 - 1M cubic yards a year  

No equipment or buildings included in sale.

Asking price  $ 1,9M   USD

plus royalties.

map view of property.png
Lone Pine Canyon Limestone/Dolomite California


Limestone and Dolomite deposit, location close to BNSF and Union Pacific railways and highways 138 and I15

  • Aggregates quarry - 430 acres permitted

  • Total est. reserves 268 M tons 

  • Official geological report available

Status : Dormant -  valid mining rights are vested and never expire.

No equipment or buildings included in sale.

Asking price  $ 11,0 M   USD

Red granite quarry  in the Rocky Mountains

Red granite quarry  in the Rocky Mountains

production of dimension stone and aggregate 

REF 180510

Established in 1947, Red granite quarry has been family owned & operated for 68 years. 

Active fully licensed quarry plus extraordinary stone production 


7’ Sawing Systems diamond wire saw

5’ Sawing Systems diamond wire saw

Bridge Saw


variety of finishes including; polish, hone, water jet and leather.

14” Crown Construction automatic top polisher

Water-jet Channeling Machine

The DJL water-jet channeling machine uses extreme high pressure water to cut channels in the quarry to relieve blocks from the mountain used in the quarrying process for 30 years. It is unique in its ability to cut rooms in the mountain to get to the best stone. All other alternative processes require the operator to quarry from the top of the mountain down removing everything as they quarry the mountain. 

Water-jet Surfacing

This is a textured finish used primarily for outdoor applications such as pavers and panels. As an alternative to flaming the water-jet surface provides a safe walking surface, which does not jeopardize any color or structural integrity of the stone. It is offered in coarse, medium and fine.


A guillotine is used to chop stone for a beautiful rock pitched face.

7’ Chris Cutter with 16” opening

for more details please contact us


Sales price  $ 4.99 M  USD 

Aggregates quarry with permits between Las Vegas and LA -

REF190410B Quarry CA 

Aggregates quarry with permits, a few miles from I15 between Las Vegas and LA, close to NV state line. Quarry in full operation.

Valid mining license in place 

The only concrete aggregate quarry close to LA.

  • Permit for water recycling and  to install an asphalt plant, Readymix plant

  • Grey granite concrete aggregate Approved by the USMCE - Caltrans certied


Size of property : 160 acres, 100 millions tons of reserves.

Known reserves  : 100 millions tons of reserves 

Asking price      $ 25.0 M  USD

Owner is open for sale or partnership

Aggregates quarry with permits between Las Vegas and LA -

REF 190410A - Aggregates quarry full operational a few miles from I15 - Las Vegas - LA in CA nearby NV border

Valid mining license in place and renewable 

  • Dolomite Limestone Aggregate quarry - Gravel pit and Sandpit 

  • Permission of 300,000 tons per year

  • material produced approved by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for construction. 

Current status : active 

Size of property : 55 acres, 30 years of quarry life .

Asking price      $ 8.0 M  USD

Mosler Rock limestone quarry CA

Mosler Rock quarry CA -  REF 200526

The fully operating business with an active clientele available.

Decorative stone production and the stone meets U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and California Department of Transportation “CalTrans” specifications for rock placed in the ocean for major infrastructure projects.

Classification : aggregates quarry - dimension stone 

Location: Ojai - Ventura Beach CA

Quarry site : aproxx. 35 acres 


Geological reports completed by a regional geologist available 

Status : active/producing 45.000 tons /year - valid mining license recently renewed 

Equipment, buildings accessories includes in sales price.

Sales price  $ 4,9 M  USD 

White Hat 240ac Dolomite mine CA

White Hat 240ac Dolomite mine CA - REF 200717

High Quality Chemical Grade DOLOMITE.


Greenfield deposit - 240 acres High Quality Chemical Grade DOLOMITE Bulk Density: 2.84 g/cm3 Specific Gravity: 2.82 - 2.85 Hardness: 3.5-4.0

Proven and Measured Reserves: 40 - 60 Million tons

Classification : aggregates quarry - dolomite industrial grade

Location: San Bernardino County CA

Quarry site : aproxx. 240acres, permitted for 11,5 acres to start operations, expansion is possible.  


Geological reports completed by a regional geologist available 

Status : dormant - valid mining license  

Equipment, buildings accessories includes in sales price.

Sales price  

Location of property.png
Old Dutch Cleanser Mine CA

Old Dutch Cleanser Mine located in Kern County 34 miles north of Mojave, CA; located inside the Red Rock Canyon State Park


The Old Dutch Cleanser Mine contains a very unique Natural Seismotite Pumice Pozzolan deposit and is one of only two deposits like it in North America. It contains a very pure, high white, fine-grained, volcanic seismotite that is a naturally occurring pozzolan that as exceptional properties now being actively looked for by the cement, paint, coatings, plastics, and rubber
Mine contains a second very large deposit of a high-grade Calcium Bentonite Clay; which has been fully approved for use by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the City and County of Los Angeles, and both Kern and Riverside Counties for use in the construction of landfill liners and caps as well as for the lining of ponds, reservoirs and industrial lagoons. This clay also has markets in the cattle feed industry and as a natural pest and mildew control agent for the organic wine and table grapes.

Classification : aggregates quarry - industrial use

Location: Kern County, CA 

Quarry site : aproxx. 288 acres of 18 acres have an active permit on.
Reserves : 8M tons of Seismotite and CALCIUM BENTONITE CLAY


Geological reports completed by a regional geologist available 

Status : dormant - valid mining license for 20 years

Sales price  $ 1,35 M  USD 

Cave Canyon Limestone Mine CA

Cave Canyon Limestone Mine - 19.5 ac



This is a "VESTED" historic mine previously operated by the Santa Fe Pacific Minerals Company to produce and ship "sugar beet grade" limestone to the sugar beet plant in Brawley for over 20 years.

The mine is not active and will need to be re-permitted to today's San Bernardino County and Department of Mine Reclamation (DMR) requirements. BUT - because it is a "vested” mine the Permit cannot be rejected. The permitting could take several months.

It’s a great LIMESTONE Mine property surrounded by 500+ acres of sand and gravel property that could also possibly be purchased and become a part of any permit which would make it an extremely large sand, gravel and limestone operation that has a major BNSF & UP Railroad siding situated right in the middle.

Classification : aggregates quarry - dolomite industrial grade

Location: San Bernardino County CA

Quarry site : 19,5 acres


Geological reports completed by a regional geologist available 

Status : dormant - vested mining rights  

Proven and Measured Reserves: 2 to 5 million tons - High Calcium CaCO3. ±30,000 to 40,000 tons 4-inch minus Chemical Grade Limestone crushed and stockpiled on site.

Sales price  $ 1,14 M  USD 

PERLITE ORE Stateline and Sparkle CA/NV REF200720


The Stateline deposit is a mid-range to light grey color. The Sparkle deposit is a very light grey with a slight blue tint

These are placer mine claims that have been properly recorded and that have been maintained every year.

This is a very large deposit of PERLITE; the owner estimates between 3-5 million tons easily accessible, depending on how an operator would open up and operate the mine.


There are open faces in the strata where the perlite can be taken by hand and screened by hand into whatever grade you want. The ore is easily dislodged and broken up.

The Perlite ore can be easily excavated with a large excavator; and it could be drilled and blasted for ease of extraction and loading.

A simple roller mill or jaw crusher can be used with a good screen system to get the gradation and particle sizes needed for popping.


Classification : aggregates quarry - industrial use

Location: Mines are 5 miles southeast of Nipton, CA and 10 miles west of Searchlight  

Quarry site : 2 mines 120 acres
"COMMERCIAL GRADE" Perlite Mines for Mining Operations. Perlite tested by both the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resource and Silbrico Company. Close to rail siding at Nipton, CA. Close to Searchlight, NV.
Reserves : unknown


Geological reports completed by a regional geologist available 

Status : dormant - valid mining license 

Sales price  $ 990.000  USD 

REGION MIDWEST ___________ND - MN - WI - SD - IA - NE - KS - MO - IL - IN - OH - MI
Gravel/Sand Pit Bellville/Ohio

       Quartzite - Sand - Gravel   

  • 1200 acres, 30-50m tons of permitted sand & gravel reserves,

  • Good truck scales and truck wash,

  • 50,000 tons of reserves on the ground

  • Close to to interstate 71 capable of serving the Columbus & Cleveland markets.

Status : dormant - valid mining license 

Included in sales price loader, scales/truckwash

Asking price  $ 4.95 M  USD

       Quartzite - Sand - Gravel   

  • 80 acres, 8-12m tons of permitted sand & gravel reserves

  • Close to to interstate 71 capable of serving the Columbus & Cleveland markets.

Status : dormant - valid mining license 

Included in sales price excavator

Asking price  $ 1,49 M  USD

Gravel/Sand Pit Chesterfield/Ohio
Central North America

Several Coal deposits - please enquire 

Indiana Limestone Quarry - active dimension stone

Fully operational and active quarry - dimension stone 

REF 180621

Colors yellow and gray   

118 Total Acres quarry land 

plus 80 acres virgin mining area in Lawrence county

207 Mio cbft of reserves - Core drillings available 

Indiana limestone is chemically pure and consistent, being composed of >97% calcite. The combination of these physical and chemical characteristics make it the highest quality quarried limestone in the United States. 

Financing available or long term lease negotiable

No-Longer available.png
Naugart Sand and Gravel Wasau WI

Naugart Sand and Gravel pit

Wasau WI - REF191102

100 acres - 4,6M tons reserves

Status : dormant - no valid mining license 

Asking price  $ 3,50 M  USD or with a royalty agreement

naugart quarry WI
Blue Schist-Gneiss quarry WI

Blue Schist-Gneiss quarry WI REF200715

A unique Blue Schist, with Gneissic characteristics, a very hard material can be used for all types of applications, interior and exterior dimension application.
Tertiary material can be used in aggregates application.


Quarry site 50 acres

Status : active/producing - valid mining license never expire 

Sales price  $ 4,9 M  USD 

Jade - Nephrite deposit WI - REF200108

Jade - Nephrite deposit WI - REF200108

High grade Nephrite - Jade deposit in Wisconsin. Extraction is ongoing with a high demand. Needs financing. They are agreements for supply in place and LOI with developer.

Location: Wasau WI

Quarry site 50 acres ,several areas can be extracted, 1 of the parcels is under extraction

Status : active/producing - valid mining license never expire 

Sales price  $ 4,9 M  USD 

B&B Aggregates - Two Harbours , MN
quarryforsale.com two harbours MN.jpg

Asking price  $ 1.20 M  USD

Basalt/Granite quarry - Two Harbours MN, REF200811  

  • Project is 40 acres purchased over 40 years ago to develop for the production of aggregates and dimensional stone. A mining permit was acquired and site prep completed and some aggregates removed in the process, but never full production.

  • Close to the US highway, rail, port of Duluth superior, site prep completed, previous mining permit, seller is motivated.

  • Official geological report and test reports on the rock available 


Status : early exploration- mining license expired 

Reason for sale:  Age of current owner

REGION NORTHEAST ___________ME - VT - NH - MA - NY - RI - CT - PA - MD
Fully operational granite quarry in New England

Aggregate quarry plus crushing plant  - fully operational

REF 180605

This is a fully functioning Rock Quarry that uses an IROC crushing plant to produce high quality aggregate material ie.. crushed stone, processed gravel for use in commercial settings. Plus thin stone, veneer and wall stone production for decorative applications.

Size of property : Quarry 100 + acres total  - 60 acres Quarry space  - Known reserves  : 5.5 million cubic yards

Aggregate state testing available 


Included in sales price:

  • All quarry equipment truck scale and crushing plant.

  •  100x50 steel building that is a fully operational and licensed used car dealership. Showroom fully air-conditioned and heated.

  • Along with a 1850 sqft home and property for privacy. (gated entrance)

Asking price      $ 13.00 M   USD

Ludwig Quarry Washington Maine


Granite-Gneiss-Granodiorite deposit

  • Dimension Stone Quarry (Blocks, Building/Ledge Stone, Landscaping materials, etc.) quarry in Knox County, Maine re-licensed as recently as Jan. 2019

  • 108.9 Acre Property

  • Official geological report and RTC appraisal available

Status : active/producing -  valid mining rights recently expired 

Preferred supplier and fabricator of natural and dimensional stone products, owned the permits to operate the quarry and leased a portion of the property for mining dimensional stone. The quarry was recently appraised by RTC.

Asking price  $ 2.50 M  USD

Ludwig Quarry Washington Maine 2IMG_1678.jpeg
New England dimension stone /landscaping stone quarry

Active quarry - Goshen stone Massachusetts landscaping stone

REF 190513

42 acres licensed quarry land 

20 Mio tons of reserves - local quarry evaluation report available.

Quarry comes with equipment/machines and production for Patio Stone, Steps, Wall Stones, fire places, and boulders for landscaping.


Mica Schist from the Goshen Formation is a layered stone with flecks of mica and has variable shades of grey with mineral oxides. It is avery popular stone in New England and New York and used in numerous prestigious projects.​

UPDATED sales price USD $ 650.000 USD 


Fully operational granite quarry in New England

REF 180605